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About Andrew
Andrew Schulman Fine Jewelry

Some people pursue their art from their earliest days. Some never find it. Andrew simply stumbled upon his. Andrew's first jewelry designs grew out of love, family, and happy accident.

Andrew's design career began in landscape architecture, designing parks, commercial landscapes, and gardens. He was always fascinated by gemstones, but it was only when his daughter's birth approached that he discovered a talent for designing jewelry. Andrew went looking for a special piece of jewelry, one that his wife could someday pass on to his daughter. Finding nothing suitable and running out of time, Andrew decided to design the gift himself. He sat down at his drawing board, but instead of drafting walkways, patios, and planting beds, he drew a necklace.

From that point on Andrew never bought another piece of jewelry off the shelf. Instead, he chose his own loose gemstones and worked with talented jewelers and designers to expand the family jewelry collection. After some years, a designer looking at Andrew's sketches told him that he didn't need an intermediary - goldsmiths could craft the designs straight from his drawings. It wasn't long before Andrew's jewelry was being worn across the United States, from Atlanta to Las Vegas.